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Can I apply for PR in New Zealand after study or do I have to come back to India after I finish my s Print E-mail

Alright wake up now! If you are done with your daydreams, letís get down to business. You donít have to come back to India if you successfully complete your studies in New Zealand. You become eligible for a guaranteed 12 months job search visa. This visa allows you to stay in New Zealand and work full time in any job. But the important thing is that in these 12 months you have to find a job relevant to the course you just completed. Once you secure this you can apply for a longer work permit which is generally issued for 2 years. At this stage you will have enough points to apply for Permanent Residency.

The points are based on age, qualifications and subject, how long you studied in New Zealand, work experience and industry, spouse qualifications and any blood relatives who are citizens or permanent residents of NZ and willing to support your application. Click on the link below and see how the points are calculated.

Skilled Migrant Points Calculator

Once you are a Permanent Resident of New Zealand, you are eligible for all social benefits from the government. 5 years after becoming a Permanent Resident you can apply for Citizenship after which a New Zealand passport can be applied for. This allows you visa free travel to many countries including UK, Australia, Canada and almost all European countries.

To know the benefits you can avail as a Permanent Resident/Citizen of New Zealand visit www.msd.govt.nz

Hopefully we have answered all your questions about ĎStudy & Settle in New Zealandí and you are ready to take your first step. Itís simple. Contact us. We look forward to seeing you soon. 


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